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What is Oral Surgery and Why Might I Need It?

Oral surgery encompasses a range of surgical procedures performed in or around the mouth and jaw. Whether it's to address impacted teeth, jaw-related issues, or oral infections, oral surgery often becomes necessary when less invasive treatments aren't sufficient.

Common Oral Surgical Procedures We Offer

  • Tooth Extractions: Sometimes, a tooth may need to be removed due to decay, disease, or crowding.
  • Impacted Wisdom Teeth: These can cause pain and alignment issues and may need surgical intervention.
  • Dental Implants: A surgical procedure to replace missing teeth with artificial ones that function like natural teeth.
  • Bone Grafting: Often done to support dental implants in areas where the jawbone has atrophied or been reabsorbed.
  • Jaw Surgery: To correct irregularities and improve alignment.

Preparing for Your Oral Surgery

Before your surgery, we'll provide detailed instructions on preparation. This might include fasting, arranging transportation post-surgery, or specific medication guidelines. It's essential to follow these to ensure a smooth procedure.

Recovery and Aftercare:

Post-surgical care is crucial for optimal healing. We'll guide you on managing discomfort, dietary restrictions, oral hygiene, and any medications to take. Regular follow-ups will ensure everything is healing as it should.

Why Choose Auburn Dental Center for Oral Surgery?

Our team at Auburn Dental Center is dedicated to ensuring your comfort and safety during any oral surgical procedure. With a focus on trust, care, and understanding, we aim to provide a seamless experience from consultation to recovery.

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